Text to Speech

A poetry and prose project. 2017.

About the Project

Often the rhythms and emotions of a word or a text can be forgotten when it is read silently, so reading text out loud will help us connect to these elements once again. This practice can also serve as a form of ritual and meditation. Thus, the aim of this project is to (re)introduce ritual and text into daily life as well as bring text (back) to life by interpreting it and reading it out loud. This virtual space is also a platform for coming together, regardless of place or time in the world, and sharing our favorite texts whether they be poems, excerpts from books, short stories, monologues, dialogues, etc…

Each day of the year, a new poem or piece of prose will be posted and recorded. Whether you are a text hunter, writer, reader, listener, or lover, you are welcome to participate by suggesting and recording poetry or prose. Please record MP3s and send them to emma.rye@gmail.com along with the text and name of the author.