Excerpt from The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck

By Beatrix Potter

Read by Emma Rye

THE gentleman raised his
eyes above his newspaper
and looked curiously at
Jemima–“Madam, have you lost your
way?” said he. He had a long
bushy tail which he was sitting
upon, as the stump was somewhat
Jemima thought him mighty
civil and handsome. She
explained that she had not
lost her way, but that she was
trying to find a convenient
dry nesting-place.
“AH! is that so? indeed!” said
the gentleman with sandy
whiskers, looking curiously at
Jemima. He folded up the
newspaper, and put it in his
coat-tail pocket.
Jemima complained of the
superfluous hen.
“Indeed! how interesting!
I wish I could meet with that
fowl. I would teach it to mind
its own business!”
“BUT as to a nest–there is
no difficulty: I have a
sackful of feathers in my woodshed. No, my dear madam,
you will be in nobody’s way.
You may sit there as long as
you like,” said the bushy longtailed gentleman.