Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov

Version by Sarah Ruhl

Act III: Olga

Read by Olivia MacFadden Elliot

Don’t cry, my girl, don’t cry. I can’t bear it.

Sweetheart, as your sister, and as a friend, if you want my advice, marry the Baron!

You respect him. You value him. True, he’s not the best looking,

but he’s so decent, so clear… People don’t marry for love, they

marry for duty. At least, that’s what I think, and I’d get married

without being in love. As long as he was decent, who cares, I’d

even marry an old man.

I understand, I do. When the Baron left the

army and visited us in that civilian jacket,he looked so plain even

I started to cry. He asked, “Why are you crying?” What could

I tell him! But if God joined the two of you in marriage, I’d be

happy. That would be an entirely different thing!