Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov

Version by Penguin Books, translated by Peter Carson

Act III: Masha

Read by Lucy Blewett

My dear sisters, I want to confess. My spirit is heavy. I’ll make my confession to you and then to no one else, ever… I’ll say it right now. It’s my secret, but you have to know everything… I cannot be silent. I love, I love… I love him… You’ve just seen him… So. In a word, I love Vershinin. What can I do! First I thought he was strange, then I was sorry for him… then I fell in love with him… I loved him for his voice, his speeches, his unhappiness, his two little girls… If I love him – that’s my destiny. That is my fate… And he loves me… It’s all terrifying, isn’t it? And is it right? How are we going to live out our lives, what will become of us… When you read some novel, you think it’s all old stuff and all so easy to understand, but when you yourself love someone, then you can see that no one knows anything and everybody has to decide for themselves… My darlings, my sisters… I have confessed to you, now I will be silent… Now I will be like Gogol’s madman… silence… silence…