Autumn Poem 2012

by Hoa Nguyen

Read by Emma Rye

Call capable
a lemony
light & fragile

Time like a ball and elastic

so I can stop burning the pots

wondering yes electric stove

She is her but I don’t reme
mber                   remember
the ashes I obsess She said

I was obsessed with
(not wanting to work with

Mandible dream
says the street
& ash work

because the scorn
and ions long
there I wor I woke up
in the overlooked dark

I work
do that warp twistingly
wrap the dead

Black and white like the
long-dead starved pet rodent
eating the basement
curtains and peanut shells


I walk I wal
I walks down sometimes
why the advi

abide the advice was

not “Fair better”
but “Fail better”

Auto dish soap
½ and ½
Coffee beans

Bake the golden things
Rust colors
Rust colors