by Dave Pass

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Magellan with five ships sailed south west past Brazil
And Rio de la Plata to Puerto San Julian.
Men who mutinied at Easter he had to kill.
He overwintered there and thought out a new plan.

The natives wore guanaco hide boots stuffed with straw,
The Spanish called them Patagonians meaning big feet.
The Santiago sank but the sailors made it to shore.
Next month all four ships sailed south, the rest of the fleet.

They reached a deep wide strait. Did they know it was there?
Concepcion and San Antonio went on to explore.
San Antonio deserted for the dangers did scare
The last three ships sailed through and found an open door

Into the Pacific Ocean-peaceful-calm seas
Tierra del Fuego-they saw some bonfires on land
Onward north westerly they sped with a gentle breeze
Past the Marianas and Guam with beaches of sand

Onto the Isle of Cebu in the Philippines
They sailed to Mactan to attack Lapu Lapu
But Magellan was killed amidst violent scenes
The sailors retreated for they were far too few

They abandoned Concepcion and fled to Brunei
Trinidad leaked and the Portuguese captured it
Victoria sailed west with cloves and cinnamon kept dry
Round Africa and back home with Elcano’s true grit


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